Computer based training

We offer comprehensive computer training and blended learning solutions that enable individuals and enterprise organizations alike to receive the training they need efficiently .

Computer based training

A common example of this type of computer training would be the following: A person would like to learn how to use image editing software program so they purchase the computer based training for that specific software application.

Computer Based Training Software - Over 550 Training CDs using Video Tutorials

They also purchase the actual software that they would like to become familiar with. While they are being trained with the computer assisted instruction, they can simultaneously verify and put into practice all that they learn in the training, since they have the target software on-hand.

IT Courses and Computer Training

The advantage of this kind of system is that all of the information is right there at their desktop in one place versus going to a class, having time lapse before they can get access to a computer.

Benefit from the advantages of Computer-Based Training (CBT)

  • self-paced training
  • scalable to large numbers of people
  • ease of distribution and management
  • consistency of content and delivery
  • pre- and post- testing and certification available
Our trainings can be delivered in two ways:
Distribution on DVD.  This is the normal choice for training of individuals and department-sized groups. Each DVD contains 10 to 15 lessons, organized into chapters and titles.  One printed and bound student manual is supplied with each order; additional student manuals can be purchased. The CBT media format is MPEG-2 video and can play on any laptop or PC with a DVD drive and DVD player software. 
Streaming from a server. This is the choice for an organization that wishes to purchase a site license allowing all of their employees to access the CBT online. The lessons are organized into modules, and accessed by clicking on hyperlinks. The CBT media format is Windows Media Video, either standard or High Definition, and can play on any PC, MAC or unix machine that has Windows Media Player 10. The student manuals can be printed and bound, or provided electronically as a PDF.